Blender is a unique organisation, with a mix of creativity and 3D technology at its core. With a goal to produce cutting-edge content and tools and share them with the worldwide community of makers, creators and developers, they have been collaborating with Mimaki in the realisation of character and environment prints as a way to support the visual development process for animated films.

3D models

Shapeways is a leading digital manufacturing platform provider, offering customers access to high-quality manufacturing from start to finish through automation, innovation and digitisation.


MeshWolf offers its customers a flexible, scalable and professional full color 3D printing service, with projects that include bringing virtual characters – from video games, such as avatars and spaceships – into the real world, as well as transforming photo images into 3D objects and printing figurines of celebrities.


With a goal to produce an explorable three-dimensional representation that was viewable from all angles and, above all, faithful in terms of light, colour, morphology and anatomical topographical relationships, the University of Florence teamed up with Bompan, Mimaki’s exclusive Italian importer, to 3D print their first organ – a heart.


Mimaki Europe partnered with video game giant, Minecraft, along with the French government to deliver a nationwide competition, “Crée ta ville et ton territoire de demain avec Minecraft”, setting the task to create the ultimate sustainable town using Minecraft’s video game platform and was eventually brought to life with Mimaki.

Minecraft 3D model

Together with the expertise of Dutch firm, Marketiger, and motivated by the translucent technology of the Mimaki 3DUJ-553 3D printer, Dennis Harroun’s original piece ‘Wreck of the Benchy’ has left the internet stunned.

Wreck of the Benchy

With an initial investment in the Mimaki Tx400 series, CottonBee entrepreneurs and founders, Ania and Michał Laskowski had visions to expand their new venture from a small-scale startup in Poland to an established business that goes from strength to strength.


Mimaki’s TS300P dye sublimation printer plays a starring role in episode one of the highly anticipated second season of BBC’s Killing Eve.

Killing Eve - Friedmans fabric textile application

Thanks in part to the Mimaki UJF3042-MKII grand format flatbed printer, Badgemaster has established itself as a market leader, with an enviable client list of blue-chip brands operating in the service, retail, hospitality and healthcare industries.

Ian Bradbeer, Badgemaster

Lentimax are a leading European producer of large format lenticular prints with over 15 years of experience. Their range of decorative tiles, which they named Lentitiles, are their newest creation; an innovative system of optically active wall decorations which can be personalised using graphics and shapes.


Fancy Armor, one of few global manufacturers of suitcase coverings and accessories for travelers, strive to bring personality and colour to people reaching their destination.

fancy armor

Senne Products GmbH, based in Hövelhof, Germany, has been a manufacturing organisation for over 50 years. Applying sustainable practice ideology into a cool business idea, they recently established their fair-trade label “Mad Owl”; upcycling bags from used and cleaned carpets discarded at trade shows.

Faster production, shorter lead times and more flexibility were some of the benefits for Shortcut Labs when they began to print with the Mimaki UJF-3042MkII. It has enabled print runs to be conducted in-house, allowing the company to not only increase profit margins, but develop new business opportunities to advance the company further.

Shortcut Labs

Mimaki Europe

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