High performance software RIP produces a new colour expression

TxLink3 supports RGB colour and raster images, with useful functions for colour replacement, step and repeated pattern creation and multicolour profile creation using spot colours.

  • Optimised colour matching and colour replacement
  • Pattern duplication: create seamless patterns from single images without lines or gaps
  • Flexible panelling: vertical and horizontal shift rotation and mirror combinations
  • Multicolour ICC profile for bright and vivid expression
  • Colour combine with colour replacement and composition
  • Supports a wide range of file and data formats

Features – TxLink3

Colour matching without editing the original image in design software

Reproduce colours such as a logo

“Colour Replacement” allows for efficient colour matching (without editing in design software)

Create several colour paths with one image

”Colour Book” allows you to find target colour for colour replacement

Choose an effect through preview

“Tune” adjusts saturation, brightness, contrast, tone curve and more

Print primary colour, secondary colour and RGM image using Pure Colour

“Pure Colours” prints clear solid colour

Efficient workflow

Create seamless patterns from single images without lines, gaps or overlap

“Step & Repeat” enables easy set up and fast processing of repeated patterns

“Flexible panelling” using vertical and horizontal shift, rotation and mirror enables a free layout

Add images such as logos, labels, seam lines, text and holes in the RIP without using editing and design software

“AddOns” performs addition of graphics in the RIP

For specific formats such as t-shirts or scarves, image placement is automatic

“Position” enables placement of images automatically on a prescribed position

Edit screen view

“Edit Screen Division” shows both original and edited images on the same screen

Hot folders set the print condition automatically using one RIP for efficient production

“Hot Folder” starts printing with a given print environment in a folder

Layered data by colour can also be used in digital printing

“Colour Combine”* achieves colouring of images comprised of individual layers

Colour management system (standard feature)

Profiles are easily created by printing and calibrating a colour chart, providing a wider colour gamut compared to a normal CMYK profile

“Colour GPS” is available for creating ICC profile
“Colour QPC” achieves consistency of colour
“Multicolour ICC profile” achieves bright and vivid expression