Mimaki Profile Master II

Mimaki Profile Master II

The Master of Colour Management

Mimaki Profile Master II (MPM II) helps to achieve consistent print quality on different media and with different printers, maximising performance.

  • Automatic colour matching with the colour picker system
  • Calibration for consistent result
  • Same colours from every printer
  • High quality ICC device profiles

Features of Mimaki Profile Master II

Consistent Results through Calibration

When a print head is replaced, colors can differ slightly. The printer calibration detects and adjusts for such differences to maintain color consistency.

*color differences are measured based on ▲E.

Comparison of ▲E values between two or more colours

Measuring the ▲E with a colorimeter

Same Colours from Every Printer (Equalization)

Equalization helps to create color consistency between the same types of printers. It allows quick response to an urgent or bulk order by running several printers simultaneously.

High Quality ICC Device Profiles

With Mimaki Profile Master II, making a high-quality ICC device profile is easy. ICC device profiles enhance and standardize printer output for all printing materials and inks.



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