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CG-AR series: Roll-to-roll and sheet fed cutting plotter

CG-AR Series cutting plotter

The new CG-AR series cutting plotter builds on the strong heritage of its predecessor and comes with new intuitive features and enhanced specifications. With the unique ID-Cut function, higher downforce, and improved accuracy, it offers reliable and precise cutting while working seamlessly with Mimaki printers.

Unique features

  • Available in 3 models...
    supporting a maximum cutting width of respectively 60, 107 and 137cm.
    The CG-AR series cutting plotter continues the tradition of CG cutter reliability and offering common cut functions like kiss-cut, full-cut, and half-cut, allowing cutting through cardboard, PVC, fluorescent and reflective sheets, magnetic foil, and more.

    Maximum sheet width and cutting width
    · Table model CG-60AR: 740/606mm
    · Floor type model CG-100AR: 1250/1070mm
    · Floor type model CG-130AR: 1550/1370mm
  • ID Cut function...
    a professional cutting solution that scans the cut data (in the form of a bar-code)
    The register mark sensor on the cutting plotter scans the cut data and register marks and starts cutting accordingly, significantly reducing human intervention and operator mistakes, while increasing productivity.
  • High Downforce...
    An increased pressure of up to 550 grams to ease cutting through thick paper.
    Enabling to cut through a wide range of materials and supporting creasing for easy folding, professional output like window letters, stickers, signs, labels, magnets, window displays, shelf wobblers, packages, and paper crafts becomes reality.
  • Easy-to-use software ...
    Bundled with a Windows driver, Simple POP and FineCut for a seamless integration with Mimaki printers.
    Windows driver: Output directly from your existing Windows application like a ‘standard’ printer.

    Simple POP: stand-alone application to create your own decoration using templates.

    FineCut/Coat9: Plug-in software for Illustrator and CorelDRAW for the professional designers.
cg-ar series cutting plotter
3 models available
ID Cut function explained
mimaki cutting plotter
High downforce
software cutting plotter
Easy-to-use software

Swivel bladed

for each type of material

The CG-AR series can be fitted with a blade dedicated for the material to be cut.

Dedicated blades are available to cut through vinyl, small letters, reflective sheets, fluorescent sheets, rubber sheets, and heavy paper.

A creaser is available to draw fold-lines for easy folding.

cutting plotter icon

This cutting plotter includes Mimaki Core Technologies that offer the best quality, maximum productivity and reduced exposure to risks that can delay production. See below list of core technologies that are included in the CG-AR Series.

cg-ar series cutting plotter

For superior cutting

How to use my new CG-AR Series Cutting Plotter

View our easy to follow instructional videos and discover step-by-step how you can easily get started with all your creative projects!

CG-60AR | Set cutting table

CG-60AR | Set pinch roller and centre clamp

CG-60AR | Set paper to the cutting sheet

CG-60AR | Sheet set

CG-60AR | Cut and crease paper

CG-60AR | Assemble the package

Acceptable sheet sizeWidth90 ‒ 740mm90 – 1,250mm90 – 1,550mm
Roll weight8kg or less20kg or less
Roll dia150mm or less
Effective cutting area606mm × 51m1,070mm × 51m1,270mm × 51m
Max SpeedShaft Direction73cm/s
45° direction103cm/s
Adjustable speed range (cutting /plotting)1 ‒ 10cm/s (1cm/s step),
10 – 70cm/s (5cm/s step)
Mechanical resolutionX: 2,5μm; Y: 5μm
Command resolution25μm, 10μm (MGL-IIc), 100μm, 50μm (MGL-Ic1)
Excluding shrinkage/expansion caused by the film temperature
Accuracy assurance range586mm x 20m1,050mm x 2m1,350mm x 2m
Depending on the specified film and cutting conditions
Max. pressure550g
Pressure settingCutter10 – 20g (2g step), 20 – 100g (5g step), 100 – 550g (10g step)
Creasing10 – 20g (2g step), 20 – 100g (5g step), 100 – 150g (10g step)
Pen10 – 20g (2g step), 20 – 100g (5g step), 100 – 550g (10g step)
Acceptable cutting sheetVinyl up to 0.25mm thickness, Fluorescent sheet, Reflective sheet, Coated Cardboard
Applicable toolsCutter, Water based ball-point pen, Oil based ball-point, Creasing Tool
Type of commandMGL-IIc/Ic1
Receiver buffer size27Mb standard(17Mb when in sorting)
Operation environmentTemperature: 5 – 35 degrees Humidity: 35 – 75% (Rh) Non-condensation AC100V – 240V 1A 50/60Hz
PowerAC100V – 240V 50/60HzAC100V – 240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption140W~168W190W~228W
Dimensions (W x D x H)1,030 x 287 x 335mm1,530 x 580 x 1,150mm1,830 x 580 x 1,150mm
Weight17kg (27kg with optional stand)35kg43kg
Sheet BasketOption

Windows driver

An easy solution that allows for the design using office applications (like Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and cut them in the same way that you would print using an office printer.

Windows Driver
Output directly from your existing Windows application in the same way as using a ‘standard’ printer.

Simple POP

A design application that allows you to create POP and in-store decorations via templates through simple operations and then cutting them on the CG-60AR.

Simple POP
Stand-alone application to create your own decorations using templates.


A plug-in software for the more advanced designer that offers full integration with Mimaki printers and enables the design and output from within either Adobe® Illustrator® or CorelDRAW®.

Plug-in software for Adobe® Illustrator® and CorelDRAW® for the professional designers.

Sheet table
Sheet table

To turn the roll-to-roll cutting plotter into a flatbed cutter

cutting sheet
Cutting sheet

To cut and crease A3-size media like packaging and paper crafts

Stand for CG-60AR

To turn the CG-60AR from a table to a floor-type model


To collect the cut media and prevent it from falling on the ground

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CG-AR Series
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