A compact flatbed cutting plotter to perfectly shape your ideas

The compact size of the Mimaki CFL-605RT belies its impressive performance, with an ability to provide a wide range of cutting and creasing functions. The perfect tool for packaging, prototyping and short-run production, the CFL-605RT offers a versatile, multi-function solution, especially when paired with a Mimaki small format LED UV flatbed printer.

Entry level cutting plotter
Suitable for packaging sample production
Multifunctional cutting plotter
  • Multiple cutting tools including: eccentric cutter for coated packaging board, tangential cutter for thicker boards and reciprocating cutter for soft foam and board up to 10mm thick*
  • Creasing roller for creating folding lines
  • Pen tool for creating line drawings
  • Accurate cutting with register mark detection function
  • Compact, built-in Vacuum unit helps secure material during cutting
  • Downforce cutting pressure of up to 1,500g
  • 610 x 510mm cutting area
  • Powerful and effective plug-in cutting software package included as standard


Packaging samples and prototypes, Bespoke Presentation boxes, Cartons, Packaging inlays, Membrane panels, Foam templates, Sandblast rubber, PoS items & mock-ups, Reflective vinyl, Graphics and much more…

Specifications of CFL-605RT Series

Item CFL-605RT
Driving method X/Y/Z/Θ 4 axes: DC servo motor
Material holding method Air suctioning by a vacuum unit
Maximum media 630mm x 530mm
Cutting area 610mm x 510mm
Maximum cutting speed XY: 423 mm/s (45° angle direction) Z: 30mm/s
Maximum cutting speed XY: 423 mm/s (45° angle direction) Z: 30mm/s
Maximum downforce pressure Eccentric cutter: 1,000g / Tangential cutter and creasing roller 1,500g
Maximum media thickness Reciprocating cutter: 10mm / Tangential cutter: 2mm
Maximum media weight 20kg (this is not one-point-load strength)
Static accuracy Repeatability 0.2 mm or lower (Material shrinkage is ignored)
Distance accuracy Moving distance × ±0.2% or lower or ±0.1 mm or lower Larger value is applied
Original repetition accuracy 0.1 mm or lower
A Unit Attachable tools: Eccentric cutter, pen
B Unit Attachable tools: Reciprocating / Tangential cutter, Creasing roller
Command MGL-ll c3
Interface USB2.0, RS-232C, Ethernet
Power specification Single phase AC100-120V / 200-240V, 50/60Hz
Command MGL-IIc3
Interface USB 2.0 (High Speed), RS-232C, Ethernet
Power specification Single phase AC 100–120 V/200–240 V, 50/60 Hz
Noise level 70db or lower (The maximum level is generated while the reciprocating cutter or a vacuum blower is used)
Power consumption 500 W
Dimensions (W × D × H) 1,320mm x 1,045mm x 1,100mm
Weight 109kg or lower (Blower: 20kg, included)
Warranty period 1 year
Certifications VCCI class A, CE marking (Machinery directive, RoHS directive),
CB, UL 60950-1, REACH, FCC class A

Features of CFL-605RT

Cut & Crease with one compact unit

Eccentric Cutter
Maximum cutting thickness: 1mm
Materials are cut with an optimal downforce
setting from 30 to 1,000g.

CFL-605-creasing-rollerCreasing Roller
The roller creases materials and enables the creation of a perfect package.
Downforce pressures are adjustable from 500 to 1,500g depending on the material.

Tangential cutter for thicker materials

The blade is able to cut not only thick materials up to 2mm but also thin films by precisely
controlling high and low downforce pressures.

Optimum materials for tangential cutting
Coated cardboard, reflective vinyl, rubber sheets, industrial materials and F/G flute cardboard.
Optimum materials for reciprocating cutting
Cardboard, foam plastic board and sponge
Downforce pressure: 500 – 1,500g (optimum pressure varies depending upon material)
Maximum cutting thickness*: 2mm


Cutting by downforce pressure

*Thickness varies depending upon material

Reciprocating cutter for soft foam material

The blade cuts thick materials by a vertical reciprocating motion. Making it ideal for foam and cardboard cutting. In addition, the blade is capable of cutting a range of material thicknesses by precisely controlling the blade edge direction.

NB: Felt mat should be placed on the cutting
table under the material prior to cutting.

Optimum materials for reciprocating cutting
Cardboard, foam plastic board and sponge
Downforce pressure: 500 – 1,500g (optimum pressure varies depending upon material)
Maximum cutting thickness*: 2mm *Thickness varies depending upon material
Maximum vertical vibration rate: 3,000 reciprocating motions/min
Vibration stroke: 5mm
Downforce pressure: 1,500g (fi xed pressure value)
Maximum cutting thickness*: 10mm
*Thickness varies depending upon material


Vertical reprocipricating cutter

Vacuum unit for securing materials during cutting

Movement of lightweight or thinner materials during cutting is reduced by a combination of features:

  • Built-in vacuum suction unit secures material
  • Absorption sheet (SPC-0787) placed on top of material enhances vacuum suction


  • * Felt mat 605 (SPC-0785) needs to be placed on cutting table during reciprocal cutting
  • * Materials which cannot be held securely by vacuum unit require taping at all four corners
  • * Absorption sheet (SPC-0787) sold separately

Vacume-section-system-image-1 Vacume-section-system-image-2

Combine with Mimaki UJF-6042 for the ultimate compact packaging prototyping system

ujf-6042 side

  • Product decoration & branding
  • Seamless Print/Crease/Cut workflow
  • On-demand packaging creation
  • Rapid production of presentation mock-ups
  • Compact, affordable solution for studio or office use
  • A2 flatbed LED UV curing printer for direct to object and packaging material printing


CFL-605RT Brochure (LowRes)

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