Mimaki set to unveil next-generation UV-curable inkjet printers at Viscom Paris

UJF-3042 MkII & UJF-6042 MkII deliver superior productivity, quality and flexibility

Amsterdam, August 31, 2016

UV-curable inkjet printersMimaki today announced that it would be unveiling two new printer models at Viscom Paris, which takes place from 6 to 8 September in Paris. Mimaki will be located at Stand G33. The UJF-3042 MkII and the UJF-6042 MkII are the latest generation of UV flatbed printers from Mimaki, replacing earlier models UJF-3042HG and UJF-6042, respectively. The new printers reflect Mimaki’s ongoing investment in research and development with a view to continuously deliver market-leading solutions. These new printers feature even more superior productivity, print quality and flexibility than their very successful predecessors.

“We’ve seen a growing number of our UV-curable printing systems being installed in fabrication laboratories, shopping malls and hardware/DIY stores to enable the creation of customised items,” said Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing of Mimaki EMEA. “These new printers will ensure the ultimate customer experience in these locations by delivering requested products faster. We also expect to see eager reception for these new printers in sign and display companies, who are always seeking more productive and profitable ways to conduct business.”

Supporting a broad array of applications
UV-curable inkjet printerThe new UJF-3042 MkII and UJF-6042 MkII printers feature print speeds that are 20% faster than its predecessors. These printers, like most printers from Mimaki, also have the ability to use different types of inks, thus supporting a very wide range of applications. For example, LUS-120 inks are ideal for printing on soft material surfaces such as membrane switches or wallet smartphone cases, since they can stretch up to 170% without cracking when pressed or folded. The LUS-150 inks, which will be available for the new printers in the near future, are ideal for indoor signs, trophies and other acrylic items due to their excellent adhesion to these materials. In addition, the LH-100 rigid inks are perfect for accessories or stationery products that must stand up to high levels of abrasion. LH-100 inks, when used with Mimaki’s PR-200 inkjet primer, are also an excellent choice for printing on glass, metal and resins, which has traditionally been difficult for UV-curable inks. Mimaki Clear Control (MCC), a clear varnish ink, can be used to both highlight areas with spot or flood coating, as well as to deliver embossing with multiple passes.

The details
To support increased productivity and profitability for lab, retail and printing business, the new UJF-3042 MkII and UJF-6042 MkII printers:

  • Print at maximum speeds of 2.48 m2/hour and 3.52 m2/hour, respectively, delivering a 20% improvement in speed over current models, with the ability to print on objects up to 153 mm thick.
  • Have advanced mechanical functionality with a print table that moves during printing to reduce printer vibration, deliver precise dot placement and enable high quality printing on a wide range of objects and materials.
  • Preset Mimaki Expand Color in the printers’ RasterLink digital front end for upgraded colour representation with more vibrant, solid colour and brighter skin tones.
  • Deliver worry-free operation with automatic detection and cleaning of clogged nozzles, substituting good nozzles for printing during this process. This allows constant printing and reduces waste due to defective nozzles. Mimaki Circulation Technology (MCT) circulates white inks at regular intervals to prevent pigment sedimentation that can lead to nozzle malfunction.
  • Especially important in retail environments, the fully covered print table of these new printers improves safety while maintaining print quality by keeping dust and other contaminants out of the system.

“We are excited to be bringing these new printers to Viscom Paris,” Horsten added, “along with a full portfolio of industry-leading Mimaki printers, including the recently launched UJV55-320, a 3.2 meter roll-to-roll inkjet printer ideal for backlit signage, and the Tx300P-1800 that delivers high quality printing on a wide range of textiles. We’ll have something for everyone! We believe visitors to the Viscom show will be amazed at the range these printers can deliver, and we are looking forward to discussing the new business opportunities they can benefit from by adding Mimaki printers to their production platforms.”