New LX101 Latex Ink

Mimaki demonstrates new LX101 Latex Ink for JV400LX series at FESPA 2013

Hexacolor process printing delivers wider color gamut, adding orange and green ink to CMYK, along with improved spot color and photo reproduction

Amsterdam, May 29, 2013

JV400LXMimaki today announced the availability of a new latex ink for its latex inkjet printers JV400-130/160LX. LX101 ink is available immediately and will be shown for the first time in Europe at FESPA 2013, scheduled for 25-29 June in London. Visitors to Mimaki stand J5S will see the difference with the addition of orange and green inks for more accurate reproduction of corporate colors and a higher density black ink that delivers sharper, richer details.

“Our JV400-130/160LX latex printers have proven to be quite popular,” said Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing of Mimaki EMEA. “We believe our latex customers will be very excited about this new addition to our sign graphics latex ink set. The new LX101 inks and the 6-color printing capability, already supported by our RasterLink6 RIP, offer so much more than just new ink. The LX101 Latex inks are more eco-friendly than solvent inks, yet the outdoor durability of the Mimaki LX inks are equivalent to solvent, offering the best of both worlds with a small environmental footprint. These new inks offer glossier and more vivid colors than our current LX100 inks. We are excited to show the added value of these inks at FESPA 2013 and believe these new inks can bring the sign, display, graphics firms and photo labs back together.”

Mimaki JV400-130/160 latex inkjet printers print on a wide array of substrates including uncoated paper, using environmentally friendly aqueous ink. The JV400LX series supported the world’s first white latex ink, achieving printability on clear substrates with vibrant color. Mimaki’s patented MCT (Mimaki Circulation Technology) ensures continuous circulation of white inks to prevent pigments from settling and potentially having an adverse effect on quality and throughput. The JV400LX is suitable for the production of a wide range of applications for both indoor and outdoor use. The customer can choose which ink set he would like to use upon first installation: LX100 or LX101.

LX 101 Key Features include

  • Wider color gamut achieved with Six-color (Hexa-Color) Process Printing including Orange & Green ink
    This delivers a wider color gamut than can be achieved with conventional 4-color(CMYK)Process Printing, enabling more accurate reproduction of corporate colors in company logos and other graphic elements. The brilliant orange and green inks reproduce vibrant pastel colors, ideal for colorful posters and point-of-purchase materials for food industry products. Additionally, spot color reproduction is improved, which is especially important for the production of package design proofs in cases where designs require spot colors. With these inks, contract proofing and photo reproductions are now made possible.
  • High density black ink and improved glossiness to deliver rich and contrasting details
    By increasing the density of black ink, sharper and richer details are attained. The improved glossiness creates more vivid colors, offering a more photo like image than any other latex currently available in the market.
  • White ink expands the range of applications, supported by the white ink circulation system
    A white ink layer assures more vivid color results on transparent substrates such as window film and shatterproof film, meeting a wide variety of needs in the sign and display graphics industry. JV400LX series printers are equipped with MCT, a white ink circulation system that prevents pigments from settling by routinely circulating the white ink in order to ensure consistent printing.
  • Excellent drying and work-efficiency
    The ink dries fast enough to immediately move on to secondary processes such as laminating and installing. Because drying time is not required, total work efficiency is dramatically improved.
    ICC Profiles for the whole range of Latex products can be found at the new MMCP (Mimaki Media Certification Program) website

Mimaki will be hosting a press conference at Fespa 2013 on June 25th at 10h00-11h00 at the Premier Meeting Room – members of the press can register for this press conference or book an interview on the stand via Maya Staels at duomedia via

Product Details


Item No.


New latex ink: LX101 Cyan LX101-C-60

600ml ink pack


Magenta LX101-M-60
Yellow LX101-Y-60
Black LX101-K-60
Orange LX101-Or-60
Green LX101-G-60
White (*1) LX100-W-22

220ml ink cartridge

*1  White ink is not available for LX101 inks. However LX100 white ink can be used in combination with LX101 inks.

*2  600 ml ink pack requires eco-cartridge. Eco-cartridges can be used repeatedly by replacing ink packs.