Mimaki launch new pure clear ink to delight designers and model-makers across multiple industries

Mimaki announce release of Pure Clear Ink MH-110PCL to enhance the accuracy and expression of designers with ‘better-than-ever’ 3D models.

Mimaki Europe, the leading manufacturer of inkjet printing, cutting and 3D printing technologies, today announces the launch of their brand-new pure clear material for 3D printing, called MH-110PCL. Created with designers in mind, this new clear material is intended for use with Mimaki’s flagship UV curable, full colour 3D printer, the 3DUJ-553. Available from May 2022, the release of this clear material aligns with Mimaki’s objective to be at the forefront of innovation in the industry, and wholly boost customer satisfaction.

The new MH-110PCL clear material, available in a 4.8L ink bottle size, improves upon Mimaki’s previous 3D clear ink (MH-100CL) with increased transparency and negates any yellow tint, allowing artists, designers, architects and more to deliver work as intended and achieve more clear-cut, transparent modelling.

As a development driven company, responding to customer demands is key for Mimaki, and was the driving force behind developing the MH-110PCL. There are many applications for this new product, across multiple sectors, be it for art, architectural models, medical models, product design or cosmetics.

With the Mimaki 3DUJ-553 being a full colour 3D printer that offers more than 10 million colours, the clear material can also be mixed with coloured inks to create translucent-colour models. This allows for designs to have a broader range of colours and visuals than ever before.

The use of clear and translucent colour models greatly benefits industries such as medical education through the ability to visualise internal organ structures in model form, with the colour variations allowing for medical conditions to be far more accurately depicted. MH-110PCL is also ideal for the expression of transparent parts required in product design and other fields such as architectural models, where windows and transparent exteriors are convenient means of showing the internal structure.

“Here at Mimaki we strive to do everything we can to accommodate the needs of our customers. We realised the importance of having truly clear material and acted upon it straight away,” says Mark Sollman, Product Manager of Mimaki Europe. “We value quality just as much as the designers implementing our technologies and wish them every success with Mimaki, so we are delighted to be able to provide this new material for them. Naturally, it has made their models better than ever.”

3D product
With increased transparency, the new MH-110PCL allows artists, designers and architects to deliver work as intended.
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Medical model samples showing comparison with translucent colour model and full colour.