Mimaki and Signcom launch joint campaigns in Scandinavia

Dedicated online promotions and limited offers aim to boost the brand’s presence among the world’s most advanced digital economies

Mimaki Europe has partnered up with Signcom to launch new campaigns that aim to improve the brand’s presence in Scandinavia. The joint campaigns also include limited offers on a number of Mimaki’s award-winning machines.

Signcom supplies a wide range of systems, consumables, software and services for sign and large-scale production, engraving, labeling, milling and 3D printing. It offers the market’s widest range of solutions and maintains a strong market position through high-quality products from well-known suppliers, including Mimaki.

Simon Nyman, Product Manager at Signcom Sweden, explains: “With the massive success of Mimaki’s recent releases, such as the UCJV300 UV LED print-and-cut solution and its first 3D printer, this is definitely the perfect time to strengthen our strategic partnership and make the presence of Mimaki’s innovative products known even more within the territory.”

Signcom is part of Igepa Group GmbH, one of Europe’s largest specialist leading wholesalers. The company has been a longstanding partner of Mimaki and has established operations throughout the Nordic region, including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland.

“We are delighted to be able to collaborate with Signcom”, adds Danna Drion, Mimaki’s Marketing Manager EMEA. “The Nordics are the world’s leading digital economies and together with Signcom, we believe we can cross promote our solutions to a wider audience, through a dedicated online presence, combined with increased promotion and enhanced awareness.”

For more details on the campaign and limited offers, go to Signcom UJF Series landing page.