Bigger and bolder than ever before: Mimaki Europe at FESPA 2017

Mimaki Europe has two stands: one dedicated to textiles, the other to Sign & Display, Industrial Print and 3D

Amsterdam, March 15, 2017

Mimaki today announced that it will have its biggest presence ever at FESPA 2017 with two stands totalling 534 square meters. FESPA 2017, scheduled for 8 through 12 May, takes place in Hamburg. Mimaki Europe will be located in the Digital Hall (Stand A1-A25), where it will be demonstrating a wide range of solutions for the sign and display graphics market and industrial print, along with a technology demonstration of its unique 3D printing solution. The company will also have a presence in the Textile Hall (Stand B6-C50), demonstrating its long-time commitment to the textile industry.

“We are looking forward to FESPA 2017 with great excitement,” says Ronald van den Broek, General Manager Sales at Mimaki Europe. “Not only is it a good opportunity to reinforce our dedication to provide innovative solutions for the textile industry, but it is also a chance to display our full product portfolio for signs and displays and industrial printing. This includes a technology demonstration of our new 3D printer, which we also discussed with attendees at drupa 2016. Because of the wide range of products we wanted to bring to the show, we decided to engage two stands in two separate halls to give each segment the focus it deserves.”

In the Textile Hall, Mimaki Europe will be demonstrating its latest range of textile printers, including the recently-announced and very unique dual-ink Tx300P-1800 and the high-speed direct-to-textile Tiger-1800B. The Tx300P-1800 and Tx300P-1800B direct-to-textile printers have been updated to simultaneously load both textile pigment and sublimation dye inks. This enables the use of a single printer to print directly on a wide range of textiles without the need to change out ink systems. This new technology, not possible until now, is a breakthrough that will improve productivity and increase flexibility for these Mimaki textile printers. The Tiger-1800B was developed by Italy’s La Meccanica S.p.A., recently acquired by Mimaki. With a maximum printing speed of 390 m2/h, the Tiger-1800B fits perfectly in high-volume production environments that have traditionally printed with analogue printing methods, bringing the benefits of digital printing to these higher volume applications.

Tiger-1800B and Tx300P-1800B
The Tiger-1800B and the Tx300P-1800B

Flagship solutions in the Digital Hall
In the Digital Hall, Mimaki’s flagship solutions for the Sign and Display Graphics and Industrial markets will be on display, including four solvent printers and up to six UV printers. Mimaki will also showcase two cutting solutions. Together these printers represent profit-generating solutions for sign & display and industrial print companies. Van den Broek adds, “We are also pleased to be introducing something totally new to the visitors with the technology demonstration of our 3D printing solution, a UV-curable four-colour printer that will be able to generate products featuring more than 10 million colour combinations. While at drupa, we had samples on our stand and at FESPA, we will actually be showing a prototype of the printer itself. As a point of interest, we have just shown this prototype in Japan for the first time at the 46th Japan Shop 2017, held from March 7th until the 10th.”
3D printer

Mimaki’s printer and ink technologies enable high-quality 3D printing that can create fine, precise and incredible real detailed products. Extremely detailed and fine line pattern samples, such as an intricate scale model of a castle or a Hina doll (ed. a typical Japanese figurine), will be shown at the Mimaki stand in the Digital Hall. Another unique feature of this printer is its clear ink that can be combined with colour ink to create half colour transparent models.

In other firsts for FESPA, Mimaki will be showing the JFX200-2531 high efficiency printer with a large table for the first time on the Continent. “We will be unveiling details about all of the new products at our press conference scheduled for May 8th at 1 PM,” van den Broek added.

3D signage
3D sample
3D scale model