New Sublimation Transfer Ink

New Mimaki Sublimation Transfer Inks Deliver 20% Cost Savings

High density low VOC Sb53 inks produce brilliant colours on JV33, JV5 series and other Mimaki dye sublimation printers

Amsterdam, June 8, 2012

Mimaki, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers, today announced the availability of new sublimation transfer inks. Sb53 inks, which are packaged in 440ml and two-litre containers, replace Mimaki Sb51 and SPC-0370 sublimation transfer inks, which have been discontinued. Mimaki will continue to offer its Sb52 sublimation inks. Sb53 sublimation transfer inks are high density, low VOC inks that come in blue, magenta, yellow, black, light blue and light magenta.

Mike Horsten, Marketing Manager at Mimaki, says, “At Mimaki, we are dedicated to continuing to improve the user experience. These new inks carry a 20% lower cost than their predecessor Sb51 inks, a significant savings for our customers and a boost to profitability. Also important to Mimaki and its customers are the low vapor emissions of these inks, which ensure a small environmental footprint and contribute to a healthier work environment.”

High density Sb53 inks produce brilliant colours and have a 3 or higher light fastness for blue. Light fastness has been tested using the ISO 105 – B02 standard. The low sedimentation rate of the inks also works to prevent uneven colour on printed output.

Sb53 inks are compatible with a wide range of Mimaki printers, including the JV33, JV34, JV5, TS and TPC families. Compatible printers may require a firmware upgrade which can be acquired by contacting a Mimaki representative.

Supported Printers and Firmware Levels

Product name Firmware
JV33-130/160/260 VER 5.30 or later
JV5-130S/160S/320S/320DS VER 7.10 or later
TS3-1600 VER 5.30 or later
TS5-1600AMF VER 7.10 or later
TCP-1000 VER 3.10 or later
JV34-260 The applicable version will be released on May 28th.
TS34-1800A The applicable version will be released on May 28th.


Ink colours

Product name Colors (*1)
Sb53(Sublimation transfer ink) 440ml cartridge BL / M / Y / K / LBL / LM
2L aluminum pack (*2) BL / M / Y / K / LBL / LM


*1 BL:Blue, M:Magenta, Y:Yellow, K:Black, LBL: Light blue, LM:Light magenta

*2 An optional MBIS (Mimaki Bulk Ink System) is required for using 2L aluminum ink package.