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Mimaki supplied the JV5-320DS to GiPrint

Need to create a high-impact, flexible exhibition space, designed to optimise the benefits of working with textiles? Quintegia Events Management Company did just that at a recent exhibition event, working with fitters GiPlanet and GiPrint and utilising the revolutionary Mimaki JV5-320DS textile printer.

Held in Verona in mid-May and dedicated to business meetings for the automotive sector, the Automotive Dealers Day is a very special B2B show, in terms of format and stand construction choices. Around 100 exhibitors cover approximately 7,000 square metres, with meeting and relaxation areas, conference rooms and workshop spaces. Uniquely, for the first time in event management, the whole structure was created using a ‘new’ fabric-covered frame exhibition system.

Andrea Prando of fitters GiPlanet explains: “Our Cover Up system uses a modular frame with specific guides for tensioning the fabric and silicone joints. We previously used PVC or light Forex panels, decorated using digital printing or by applying films, but the result wasn’t brilliant, neither aesthetically, nor in terms of assembly time.”

“We needed a more flexible solution that was easier to transport and would provide a co-ordinated look, even on large walls. We found the ideal solution in polyester fabric sheeting, particularly after GiPrint identified the best fabric printing technology.”

Denis Canton, General Project Manager of GiPrint, picks up the story: “GiPrint has always been involved in high-tech, innovative printing and graphics. Over the years, we’ve identified the best materials to create decorative elements for stand fitting, retail outlets and events.”

“We’ve always been interested in textiles, and already found the right partners to supply the polyester material and develop the silicone coating technology, but we hadn’t yet found the right printing technology. Then we saw the Mimaki JV5-320DS in action and it changed everything. It’s an exceptional machine that can print different fabrics, directly and by sublimation, and at an incredible speed – we use it at a speed of approximately 50 sqm per hour. The results are exceptional – full, uniform colours and coverage, and excellent resolution of up to 1440dpi. Even complex graphics and very small characters can be printed easily.”

“The JV5-320DS was the catalyst for a major breakthrough in decorating with fabric. We’re proud to be the first company in our industry to set up a whole exhibition using these technologies. We see this as only the beginning, and plan to open up the market to cover other areas, including the retail sector. We recently opened the first Farmacity store, a new concept in the pharmaceutical sector, creating a whole shop, including all the display systems, using direct printing on fabric.”

The combination of this Cover Up system and the JV5-320DS-printed textile covers reduces assembly time and improves quality, offering quick and easy, flexible solutions with custom images. A transparent version creates backlit panels for even greater impact.

As Rachele Bompan, Marketing Manager of Bompan Srl, the exclusive importer of Mimaki products in Italy, explains: “Through our distributor, Cekin, we supplied the JV5-320DS to GiPrint, confident that we were providing a top-quality, highly productive machine. The success of this project lies in the combination of machine performance and GiPlanet’s exceptional innovation. I’m really proud that Mimaki technology contributed to this success”

The Teamplayers

The End-user GiPrint     
The Client / Project Quintegia Events Management Company / Automotive Dealer Day
The Dealer / Distributor Bompan Srl / Cekin Srl /
The Machine Mimaki JV5-320DS