Dezeta Decor Enters in Super Wide Format

Dezeta Decor Enters in Super Wide Format with Mimaki JV33-260

Swedish signmaker Dezeta Décor has chosen the JV33-260 to expand their business with super wide format printing solutions. The long-time customer of Mimaki dealer Signcom continues with Mimaki after their positive experience with JV33-160, purchased in 2007.


The company produces on average between 500 and 800 m2 of print and is looking for ways to expand with the JV33-260. Currently their main products are stickers, posters and banners up to 1.6 meter wide. Now, with the investment in JV33-260, the company no longer has to outsource super wide format jobs, which require heavy media. Furthermore, they can bring down their printing costs because the new JV33-260 is equipped with a bulk ink system, which enables them to save about 15 to 20% on ink costs.

dezeta decorOwner Peter Danielsson about the decision: “We have had a long-time and good relationship with Signcom. This dates all the way back to 1989 when we purchased our first machine, a cutting plotter. After a while, we then invested in two large format printers. However, these machines could not fully convince us in the long run. Therefore, in 2007, we decided to buy the JV33-160 and its performance has really amazed us. The machine is our “workhorse”; it gives us great print quality and more importantly, it is very reliable. Based on this experience we eventually chose JV33-260.”

About the future, Peter Danielsson says: “Although we have just invested in this new printer, I am following the developments at Mimaki closely, especially with regards to their UV flatbed range. Currently we do not have space for a large flatbed. However, in future this could be different. It might also be interesting for us to look into their compact UV printers, because I see potential in the promotional items printing market for pens, lighters, etc.”