25 January, 2023

Interview with Ariha Iizuka, Full-time Lecturer at Bunka Fashion College. Bunka Fashion College, a renowned institution in Japan known for cultivating top fashion designers, has integrated digital printing into its textile and apparel design curriculum and incorporates it in the creation of student projects. Three Mimaki inkjet printers are utilized in the digital textile lab, […]

The 3D Innovation and Design Studio, Centre for Human Anatomy Education, Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology, at Monash University made headlines back in 2015 for its collaboration with German anatomical models’ provider, Erler-Zimmer. The partnership released a set of anatomically accurate 3D printed models that proved revolutionary to the teaching of students across the […]

anatomical models

23 January, 2023

The inkjet printers from Mimaki have made it right to the top! – to the most northern tip of Germany. In Flensburg, Printline is producing unique promotional materials with two UV-LED printers and a cutting plotter from Mimaki, at a speed one wouldn’t have thought possible from the “northern lights”. Anyone visiting Printline in Flensburg […]

19 January, 2023

The Mimaki 3DUJ-553 Provides a Gateway to Additive Manufacturing for both Students and Local Businesses at the University of Auckland’s Creative Design and Additive Manufacturing Lab Created as a pathway for the University of Auckland’s research to connect directly to real world applications and industries, the Creative Design and Manufacturing Lab (CDAML), opened in 2019, […]

14 December, 2022

When ITV’s Emmerdale soap opera reached its milestone 50th birthday, the show’s producers marked the occasion with a series of stories that came to a head in a gripping special episode that aired on 16th October. Weaving the show’s past with the present, an all-action climax saw a deadly storm hit the village and, in […]

6 December, 2022

Andreas Falk, COO of Erler Zimmer, an expert company in anatomical model-making, discusses the use of 3D printing and how it has helped revolutionise their industry. Historically, the use of cadavers has been paramount in the effective teaching of anatomical science and medicine. How better to understand anatomy than to dissect and examine that of […]

3D printed support material

8 September, 2022

Turkish company, Makroser Tekstil specialises in manufacturing digitally printed carpets and over the years has become one of the leading suppliers in the sector. Utilising Mimaki’s high-performance TS300P-1800 sublimation transfer printer since 2020, the company has optimised their production potential to meet increasing customer expectations in this growing digital textile carpet market. Makroser Tekstil has […]

man in front of printer

29 July, 2021

The Ukraine-based company leverages product diversification as a factor for success Grand Style organically combines self-sufficient areas, such as furniture, trade equipment, POS manufacturing, branding, making of company gifts and individual souvenir products, into their industrial UV printing services on a wide range of materials and finished products. The key to a successful business model […]

16 June, 2021

A revolutionary project sees a team of doctors and researchers from the University of Florence use Mimaki’s 3DUJ-553 printer to create three-dimensional anatomical models with an extremely high and previously unattainable degree of colour fidelity What do anatomy and 3D printing have in common? As the science that studies the shape and structure of the […]


19 March, 2021

Starglas: the innovative solution provider for all things glass. Continuously being innovative and breaking new ground is an integral part of the corporate philosophy at Starglas. Hence you would be hard pressed to find a form of glass processing that this company, based in Bünde, Germany, has not mastered. As a result of this expertise, […]


Mimaki Europe

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