Mimaki showcases business-enhancing 3D solution at Formnext 2019

Mimaki Europe today announces that it will demonstrate its colour expertise in 3D printing at Formnext (19 – 22 November, Frankfurt, Germany). Visitors looking for photorealistic prototypes or models can see a broad range of applications produced by Mimaki’s 3DUJ-553 full-colour 3D printer, capable of faithfully replicating more than 10 million colours, in Hall 12.1, Stand B99.

The Mimaki 3DUJ-553 3D printer, which will be demonstrated live at Formnext, allows bureaux, designers and product developers to create vivid, true-to-life parts due to its accurate detail and extensive colour capabilities. Mimaki draws upon the colour expertise it has perfected through its heritage in 2D printing to produce consistent and repeatable results, ensuring that users’ on-screen designs will be flawlessly replicated in real-life. Mimaki has also developed a clear resin so full transparency and semi-transparent colour can be achieved. With options to print in 19, 22, 32 or 42µm layers, the 3DUJ-553 3D printer delivers super-fine details and smooth surfaces; and thanks to a water-soluble support material that easily dissolves after printing, details are preserved during post-processing. The printer is suitable for an impressive range of applications, including car prototypes, architectural models and luxury packaging, all of which will be exemplified on Mimaki’s stand.

“The accuracy and brilliance of the vast range of colours produced by Mimaki 3D printers paves the way for some very exciting application possibilities,” comments Jordi Drieman, 3D application specialist at Mimaki. “This product is ideal for creating models and prototypes to serve a number of industries; from brands requiring true-to-life product prototypes or luxury packaging samples, to planners producing architectural models, or schools needing educational models, to entertainment businesses producing lifelike figurines, this is the perfect tool.”

In a deliberate move to increase customers’ profitability, Formnext will also see Mimaki announce a new pricing model for the build and support materials compatible with the 3DUJ-553 3D printer. Since launching its 3D print technology, Mimaki has succeeded in improving efficiencies across consumables production and supply chain management, facilitating its most recent pricing model. Mimaki delivers the highest quality 3D-printed models, and, as the company produces its own build material, these are now more accessible than ever to designers and manufacturers. Visitors to the stand will be able to discuss pricing with members of the Mimaki sales team, who will be on-hand answer any questions.

Formnext visitors will also have the opportunity to hear from Dutch 3D printing company, Marketiger, one of the many companies reaping the benefits of Mimaki technology. Marketiger uses the 3DUJ-553 to print full-colour figurines and maquettes, all of which are based on 3D scans of people. Many of the thousands of figurines printed annually are purchased by visitors who take the opportunity to be 3D scanned at Madurodam, a miniature park and tourist attraction based in the Netherlands. Maikel de Wit, Marketiger founder, comments: “This 3D technology from Mimaki is totally unique in the market. Not only is it a supremely reliable and easy-to-operate machine, it also prints in millions of colours with a base material that is very strong, producing models that are extremely colour-fast. Our customers are always impressed not only by the vivid colours of the models but also how long-lasting they are.”

Mimaki’s 3D portfolio also features the 3DFF-222 3D printer, an in-house tool for design and production which uses Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) to produce prototypes and end-use parts such as jigs and three-dimensional signage. A product co-branded with Sindoh, the 3DFF-222 system prints in PLA material to ensure that models are robust and do not warp easily. Printing parts up to 210mm x 200mm x 195mm (W x D x H), job progress can be monitored remotely through an app.

“We anticipate a really exciting show at Formnext this year,” Drieman adds. “At Mimaki, we pride ourselves on keeping our customers at the centre of our business. So, not only will we be demonstrating what can be achieved with our 3D technology, but there will be plenty of sales partners available on the stand to discuss attractive pricing options on consumables.”