Mimaki Prints on Dancers

Landa Dancers Wow with Mimaki Textile Printers

Düsseldorf, May 14th 2012

Anyone attending drupa 2012 certainly saw the return of Benny Landa and the buzz he created even before the show started with the introduction of Nanography.  But Landa’s Nanographic printing is not the only draw bringing visitors in to the auditorium to see the exciting Landa show. Israeli dancers ‘Maria Kong’ are creating a  buzz with their beautiful colorfully dressed dancers performing ‘The Dance for the Digital Age’. 

The dance performance illustrates various historical milestones in printing, from water to the actual nanography being introduced at drupa.  All costumes were designed for the show by famous costume designer Miki Avni and printed on Mimaki textile printers.  Avni is known for designing artistic clothing using wild and colorful imagination and found that the Mimaki textile printers, known for their quality and colour fidelity, gave expression to all of her artistic desires.

High quality textile print

Zohar Eshel–Acco, CEO of Maria Kong, founded 2008, praises the quality of the textile print produced on the Mimaki systems, saying, “Beautiful vibrant colours can be produced that don’t fade when washed.  The fabrics are more durable, a definite requirement for our dancing costumes, especially in this performance where it is important to bring lively designs that complement our dancing act as well as the message Benny Landa is bringing to the market with the introduction of nanographic printing.  Mimaki textile printers can print on various kinds of fabrics, giving Miki the freedom to create colourful and vibrant costumes that really add value to our artistic performance.”

Mike Horsten from Mimaki adds, “We are extremely proud to have been able to support the Landa show with optimally printed fabrics and are happy that we can make a contribution to this wonderful show.”

“The dance performance was initially designed to be a warm-up for the audience while they were entering the auditorium for the Landa Show.  However, news about these exquisite dancers has travelled fast around drupa, and many attendees are arriving early to see the dance performance. Horsten comments, “It’s a big hit at drupa, and many are comparing their performance with a Cirque du Soleil act. We like to think the vibrancy of the fabrics used in their costumes contribute at least a small part to the overall success of both the dance act and the draw to the Landa show.”

Mimaki textile printers

Mimaki textile printers are the world’s fastest dye sublimation printers, capable of printing at 150 square meters per hour on transfer paper and direct to pretreated polyester fabrics without the need for an interim transfer paper step with no compromise in quality. Mimaki’s unique sublimation ink delivers brillian colours, whether printing on transfer paper or direct-to-textile, broadening the range of possibilities for both textile printers and their designer clients.