Large-format 3D printing: a new addition to the Mimaki ecosystem


Mimaki embraces 3D printing technology with the recent addition of the Mimaki 3DGD-1800 large-format 3D printer.

Mimaki is a leading manufacturer of inkjet printers and cutting systems, and continues to innovate. We don’t limit ourselves to the 2D world, and have passionately embraced 3D printing technology, starting with the 3DUJ-553 full-colour 3D printer and, more recently, with the launch of our 3DGD-1800 large-format printer. Thanks to this addition to our ecosystem, Mimaki is certainly one of the most versatile printer manufacturers on the market.

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Mimaki’s approach is unique in wanting to be a total solutions provider. We aim to offer a truly comprehensive product portfolio, while implementing the benefits of our innovative solutions across our entire ecosystem. This is why we have applied the true-to-life colour reproduction of our 2D printing solutions to our first full-colour 3D printer. The result is a ground-breaking machine that produces impressive full-colour objects.

In this way, we put our expertise, experience and innovation to good use across our product portfolio. What is more, we’re constantly looking for new applications that set our customers apart from their competitors. The newest addition to the rapidly growing Mimaki ecosystem is the 3DGD-1800 large-format 3D printer – a revolutionary machine that will delight any sign and display maker.

Speed and productivity
The new Mimaki 3DGD-1800 stands out with its extremely high production speed and printing volume. It can produce 3D objects up to 1.8 metres tall in just 7 hours. Such a feat would be inconceivable with conventional FDM techniques (Fused Deposition Modelling) based on filament. Our innovative printer uses a transparent, liquid gel that is cured with UV light. This intuitive technology does away with the need for support structures, allowing you to print hollow objects, while saving both time and material. And because the 3D gel is transparent, you can illuminate your objects internally. For even greater speed, the printer works with two independent heads, which can be used to print two different objects at the same time. Wow!

The versatile 3DGD-1800 3D printer opens up countless new applications to sign makers, such as life-sized displays, event decoration, set props or large POP displays. It’s also ideally suited for making industrial production components quickly and efficiently, including moulds for vacuum forming, enabling manufacturers to cut their production times. High-speed large-format 3D printing is, in itself, a revolution for the printing industry. But what makes this printer a true game-changer is its seamless integration with the existing Mimaki ecosystem. Our various 2D and 3D printing techniques, cutting and laminating machines along with software, combine to create endless possibilities – an unrivalled creative accelerator.

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