Africa watch out, a tiger is coming!

Visiting Sign Africa 2013

Mimaki Pertama

Back from Asia, on to the next A continent of the world Africa. I was invited to join the Mimaki Sales and Marketing crew to fly to the Sign Africa Show in Johannesburg, South Africa. On the flight I was looking at the great plains and the Sahara, I’m glad I’m up in the plane when we crossed the continent.

I was treated well, and I was invited to help the pilots to land the plane. It was a bit bumpy landing but I got my captains hat. After a good sleep, we went to the Sign Africa Tradeshow.

I had the pleasure to meet lot of the GSW Staff that are doing a great job with Mimaki products in the sub-Sahara region. The exhibition was very successful and we worked hard to show and explain the SUV printing technology to our customers in Africa.

I showed them the scratch resistance with my paws, people where impressed. After the tradeshow they took me to see a bit more of the real Africa and we went to a game lodge close to Johannesburg. I was a bit worried about me going there as I don’t want to stay there, they only have my cousins the Lion in Africa.

I had a great time in Africa, so thanks GSW and see you soon.


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Please find a small collection of my African photo’s in the gallery below.