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The world-class range of machines in Mimaki’s impressive line-up gives you the power to create beautiful wallcoverings, decor panels and soft furnishings that bring any room to life. The results are limited only by your imagination.

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JV400-LX TS500-1800-logo-2 Logo_UJV500-160_Black
JV400 lx TS500-1800DS UJV500-160_pos
  • Innovative, more ecologically friendly latex inks
  • The world’s first water-based White latex ink
  • Fast drying inks for improved productivity

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  • Unrivaled printing speed of up to 150m2/h on transfer paper
  • Mimaki Degassing Module to prevent nozzle blockage
  • Mist removal filter enhances print stability

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  • High speed printing of max 100m2/h
  • Long life LED lamps
  • Two new flexible UV inks: LUS150 and LUS200

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