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Which precautions should I keep in mind before installing the printer?

Cautions for installation the printer in his new environment

The operating temperature of JV400 LX is 20 to 30 deg C. Installing the machine in any of the following conditions may cause a problem or danger.
Please keep an appropriate environment.


Exposed to direct sunlight Operation environment:
20 to 30°C | 35 to 65% Rh
Oscillation or vibration occurs Exposed to direct wind
from air conditioners or
other machines
Dusty area or
close to chemicals

Specific cautions for the storage of inks

  • Keep inks at a temperature of 0 to 25 deg C without exposing to light
  • In the event that inks freeze, put them under room temperature (25 deg C) for more than three hours to let them unfreeze before using