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When should I use Backup/Restore function?

In the following cases, Backup function is used

  • You want to backup just in case the computer is broken
  • You want to sort out the jobs because a lot of jobs in the job list
  • You want to store the jobs without deleting them

200 jobs can be registered in the job list but it may affect the computer performance. Please register as few jobs as possible in the job list. Basically, it is recommended to delete unnecessary jobs from the job list. In case the job will be used in the future, it is also recommended to backup the jobs before deleting from the job list.

In Backup function, the following data is automatically saved in the backup file

  • Original image data file
  • Job setting file (print condition, etc)
  • Job adjustment file (color adjustment set and color replacement set, etc)
  • Input profile and device profile which is applied to the job
  • Ripped data (only when check on “Includes Ripped Data” in backup function)
  • In this function, it is possible to restore the backup file.

    For Backup and Restore function, please refer to the following documents:
    RasterLinkPro5: Reference Guide Common features for every printer
    RasterLink6: Start Up Guide
    Please download these files from the Technical download selection on the website.