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What type of ink can I use on this machine?

There are two kinds of inks for this UJF-706.

  • Hard Ink (SPC-0371 / SPC-0404HY) →C・M・Y・K・Lc・Lm・W・CL
  • Flexible Ink F-200 (SPC-0516) →C・M・Y・K・Lc・Lm・W (No flexible clear ink)

The Hard Ink
This ink is suitable to print on hard media, like plastic name plate, cards, 3 dimensional materials. The cured surface is tough for scratching and it also has chemical resistance.

The Flexible Ink
This ink is suitable to print on soft media, like membrane switch, soft packaging media, or film media. The cured ink can stretches about 200%, so you can print on some materials which you want to change the material shape after printing, for example; heat forming or double it up.
(However the stretching property depends on the materials.) This ink has strong weather resistance.