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What should I do when the machine will not be used for a longer time?

Please take a look at the content below when you don’t use or used the CJV30 printer for one week or more. Cleaning the printer at the end of the day is necessary for proper operation. [Custody Wash] is always recommended to clean the ink disposal route and keep it in good condition.

When the machine is not going to be used for a week or more, use [Custody Wash] to clean the head nozzles and ink discharge passage. Solvent based ink dries rapidly, ink may dry up in the ink disposal route in the machine. Higher ambient temperatures in the Summer accelerate this process. After finishing the work day, cleaning the disposal route will clean the tube and preventing clogging trouble.

The below pre-cautions are recommended to follow

  1. Unused ink cartridges need to be stored at low temperatures, 0℃ to 25℃ (average temperature of a day). Be sure to keep the ink container in an airtight condition if it is removed from the CJV30
  2. Do not expose the CJV30 to direct sunlight
  3. Machine should have power and Main Power on (in sleep mode)
  4. Replace ink cartridges with less than 20% ink remaining
  5. The rear maintenance cleaning cartridge needs to be at least 50% full
  6. Waste ink tank should be empty