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What should I do when the machine is not used for a long time?

Maintenance when the machine is not used for a long time (one week or more)

Please read and perform the following maintenance tasks when you used your “JV400 series” printer a week or longer ago.

If you’re planning not to use the printer for one week or more during summer/winter vacation or for any other (business) reasons, we recommend you to clean the head (nozzle side) and the waste ink discharge passage according to the steps for “CUSTODY WASH” before turning the power off.

Especially, since the latex ink has a characteristics of drying quickly, it may coagulate and adhere to the inside wall of the tube connected to the waste ink tank during summer seasons. You can keep the tube clean by pouring the provided cleaning solution into the head cap at the end of the work. For more information about “CUSTODY WASH,” see “Operation Manual”

Please also keep the following considerations in mind:
1. Ink cartridges that are not loaded into the printer should be kept in a cool and dark place.
2. The printer itself should be moved to a place not exposed to the direct sunlight.
3. The main power switch on the right side of the printer should not be turned off.
4. The remaining amount of ink should be checked by lightly shaking the ink cartridge. Replace it if the amount is low. Also check the expiration date.
5. The remaining amount of cleaning solution should be checked by lightly shaking the cleaning solution cartridge at the rear of the printer. Replace it if the amount is low.
6. The waste ink tank should be emptied.

* The ink may precipitate within the cartridge.
Before restarting the operation, be sure to shake the ink cartridge well and insert it into the cartridge slot, and then perform the white maintenance. Also, check the nozzle state with “TEST PRINT.”