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What should I do when the edge part on print result has slurred on Bi-directional printing?

Print result has slurred to right and left such as the image example on the right “No good”. If you encounter this issue, please check the following checks to solve your problem.

  1. If you change type of media or head height, perform [DROP.POS correct]
  2. Check head height. Recommended head height is 2mm or less
  3. If wrinkles appears on media surface, check followings:
     - Increase temperature of pre heater by approximately 20℃ than temperature of print heater and check whether wrinkels are increased.
     - When you use roll media, feed the media approximately 1 meter from ten centimeter. Wrinkels may disappear as the media adjusts.
     - Do not leave the media being heated with the heaters for a long time otherwise media will be wrinkled
  4. Reset the media once again. If media is slanting, skew problem will be occurred and cause of poor image quality
  5. If you still having the same issue, please contact us