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What should I do when “! Replace a WIPER” is displayed? Or when the message remains even after you replaced the wiper?

It is time for the wiper to be replaced. Please replace it immediately.

When replacing the wiper, always execute “WIPER REPLACE” in the maintenance menu. For the operating procedure, see “Operation Manual” -> “Maintenance” -> “Maintaining the Capping Station” -> “Replacing the wiper.”

“! Replace a WIPER” continues to be displayed unless you execute the “WIPER REPLACE” menu after replacing the wiper. This is because the internal wiping count is only reset when the ” WIPER REPLACE ” menu is executed.

Although drawing can continue even if the wiper is not replaced, it may damage the head when one wiper is kept operating. You are requested to replace the wiper promptly. The wiper is a consumable. Please place an order to purchase it as with inks.