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What should i do when [Error201 COMMAND] is displayed?

Answer: This error is displayed if data other than command data is received.

1. Reprint with different color profiles.

2. Check if there are some damages on the USB cable.

[For UJF-3042HG]

Check that the accompanying ferrite core is attached to USB. If not, attach it.

usb cable

3. Replace the USB cable to other one.
 ・Use USB2.0 cable. USB port of PC has to be corresponded to USB2.0.
 ・A USB cable has to be less than 5m. But you can add 4 more 5m cables, so the total
  length can be 20m or Less.

4. Restart printer.

5. Make sure if there are no machines which has strong noise.

6. Please contact us if you still keep having this issue.