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What kind of daily maintenance is required?

Answer: Please perform your daily maintenance at head surrounding area, capping station, wiper, table and exterior surfaces of the main unit.

The following is the maintenance procedure.

[Tools required for maintenance]
1. Clean stick (SPC-0527, 50 sticks enclosed)
2. F-200/LF-200 Washing Liquid (SPC-0568, 100ml bottle enclosed)
3. Gloves (attachment)
4. Goggles(attachment)

[Before you perform the maintenance]
Be sure to wear protective goggles and gloves to prevent serious damages to your eyes and skin.

1. Daily Maintenance

– Clean head surrounding area.
 View the following video “Cleaning the Head and the Area around” and learn how.

– Clean capping station.
 View the following video “Cleaning the Capping Station” and learn how.

– Clean wipers.
 View the following video “Cleaning the Wiper” and learn how.

2. Every Three Days
 If you are using White ink, please shake the ink bottle(s).
 It will prevent ink ingredient from precipitating.

3. Weekly
 Clean the table and the exterior.
 View the video “Maintenance of frame component” and learn how.
 It will show you how to clean up build-up ink or dirt particles to improve printer cleaning