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What kind of daily maintenance do I have to perform?

Daily care maintenance

Every day you should clean the cover, platen, around the sensor and head.

Maintenances of special importance

Required equipment

1. ML001-Z-K1 maintenance cleaning solution kit (for LX ink)
2. SPC-0527 clean stick
3. Gloves
4. Goggles (provided with the main unit)


1. Before starting daily work
If you use the white ink, shake the cartridge to prevent the ingredients of ink from precipitating.

2. After the end of daily work
1) Clean the wiper and cap. For details, see the video “Cleaning the wiper and cap.” Removing the solidified ink and stains increases the success rate of the cleaning.

2) Perform DISWAY WASH to prevent ink jams inside the ink discharge passage.

3) Clean the head and surrounding area. For details, see the video below.

Cleaning around the ink Head

3. Once a week
Perform the white maintenance on the first day of the week (for example, Monday) before starting the operation. Although the white ink’s ingredients are tend to be easily precipitated, the white maintenance helps maintain a good condition.

4.When the machine is not used for a long time
See FAQ “Maintenance and notes when the machine is not used for a long time.”

For details of each step, see “Operation Manual” and “Request for daily care and maintenance”