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What is UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System)?

When the ink cartridge runs out, another cartridge automatically begins to supply ink. Ink cartridges can be replaced during printing and overnight continuous printing is possible. *UISS only works in 4 color ink-set model.
This saves you from worrying about if printing will stop due to out-of-ink during nighttime unattended printing (still, be careful for the data that consumes lots of ink).

The supplying cartridges are switched at the following timing.

  1. When “Ink End” is detected during printing
  2. When “Near End” is detected during ink charging
  3. When the ink cartridge is removed
  4. When there is an error on the ink cartridge
  5. When Ink use-up cleaning function is used

About Ink use-up cleaning function…

During normal cleaning, this function preferentially uses a cartridge with “Near End” or “Ink End” detected, to save ink.

* If the supplying cartridge is removed during printing or cleaning, Using cartridge is changed but the operation stops.