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What installation space is required?

JV33 requires installation space

Prepare a space for the machine size and work space around the machine. Work space in front and back requires 1000mm or more and left and right requires 500mm or more.
*Also allocate adequate space for the RIP PC and attached components.

Installation Site Conditions

1) No direct exposure to sunlight.
2) Temperature and humidity must be within specifications: 20 – 35℃ (68 – 95 F), 35 – 65%(Rh)
3) No strong air exhaust nearby; air conditioning ducts for example.
4) Installation site needs to be level.
5) Installation site needs to be free of excessive vibration.
6) No open flames of any types near the printer.

Model Width Depth Height Gross weight
JV33-130 2,289mm 739 1,424mm 145kg
JV33-2160 2,538 739mm 1,424mm 160kg