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What Daily Maintenance is required?

Answer: Please check the following contents.

[1] Before print:
Shake the white ink cartridge up and down slowly. Be careful to spill of the ink when shaking the ink cartridge.

[How to shake]
Wear gloves and apply cloth to the insertion side as shown below pictures to avoid spilling ink on your hands. Tilt the cartridge gently from side to side more than 20 times, so ink inside can be circulated. If the cartridge is roughly tilted, the foil pack inside may be damaged. This may cause an ink leak. Please tilt the cartridge gently. When the level of ink remaining is low, tilt the cartridge vertically, otherwise ink cannot be fully circulated.

how to shake

[2] At finish time:
Clean the wiper and cap.

[3] Once a week:

[4] When waste ink is full:
Prepare a polyethylene tank to put in the waste ink and dispose of the ink.
Dispose of the waste ink pursuant to the regulations of your district.

[5] Avoiding dripping of ink droplet at printing:
Clean the bottom of the carriage by cleaning swab (SPC-0386) and washing liquid.

[6] Other:
Refilling antifreeze mixed water.
Cleaning glass of LED UV unit.