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What care and caution to take when I am not using the printer for a long time?

Care required when the printer is not in use for a long time (one week or longer)When you are not using JV34-260 for a week or longer, please provide care as follows.

Before turning off the power, you are recommended to clean the waste ink discharge passage according to the “CUSTODY WASH” procedure. Particularly, a solvent ink can easily dry for its nature. Especially in summer, it may adhere in lumps inside the tube to the waste ink tank. You can keep the tube clean by flowing the cleaning solution (comes with the product) from the head cap after the end of the jobs.

If the printer will not be used for a week or longer in the summer/winter vacation or for business reasons, you are recommended to use the “CUSTODY WASH” function to clean the head (nozzle surface) and the waste ink discharge passage before turning off the power. For the “CUSTODY WASH” procedure, see “Operation Manual”-> “When the Machine Is Not Used for a Long Time (CUSTODY WASH).”
In addition, please observe the precautions below.

  1. Keep ink cartridges that are not installed on the printer in a cool dark place.
  2. Move the printer main unit to protect it from direct sunlight wherever possible.
  3. Do not turn off the “Main Power” on the right of the main unit.
  4. When an ink level shows less than “2”, replace the ink cartridge, then make sure it shows “2” or more.
  5. Gently shake the cleaning solution cartridge (on the back) with hands. If the remaining level is low, replace it.
  6. Empty the waste ink tank.