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What are the necessary computer specifications for installing RasterLink6?

The following computer specifications are required to install RasterLink6:

Rasterlink 6
OS Windows XP professional/Home Edition Service Pack 3 or more (32bit) *1

Windows Vista Home premium/Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate Service Pack 2 or more (32bit/64bit)

Windows 7 Home Premium/Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate (32/64bit) *2/*3

Windows 8/Pro/Enterprise (32/64bit)
CPU Intel Core2Duo (1.8GHz) or more *4
Chipset Intel chipset
Memory 2GB or more
HDD Space 100GB or more (NTFS Format)
Interface Ethernet port *5

USB 1.1/2,0 *6

*1: Windows XP 64bit is not supported.
*2: It cannot be operated on Windows XP mode of Windows 7.
*3: Windows 7 Home Basic/Start (32/64bit) is not supported.
*4: For CPU or chipset, use the products made by Intel. If not using them, an error may occur
  during printing and the printer may stop printing.
*5: It is required for license activation. (It is also required if unconnected to the Internet)
*6: USB2.0 port is required for connecting to the printer with USB2.0 interface.
  Do not connect to the printer via USB hub or an extension cable. An error may occur
  during printing and the printer may stop printing.
  USB2.0/1.1 port is necessary for connecting a dongle.
  Do not connect the dongle via USB hub.

Other information:
 When you use the PPP connection network device in the RasterLink 6 computer,
 start-up of Raster Link 6, License Activation and Substitute License Activation
 cannot be operated normally.
 When you use RasterLink 6, do not use the PPP connection network device.