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The Warning message “NO MEDIA” is displayed. What should I do?

NO MEDIA warning message

This warning is displayed when no media is set or the media is set beyond the left-side limit of the correct position.

In this case, please first try to reset the media.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, please follow the steps below:
1. Check that the roll holder is in the right position for your roll media’s inside diameter.
2. Check that the media is set straight.
3. A transparent media may cause this message because it does not block the light to the sensor.
4. Check the right end of the media for any cuts (even if it is set appropriately, this message may be displayed when the light to the sensor cannot be blocked).
5. Clean the media sensor.

Video “Setting a roll media”

For details of the steps, see “Operation Manual,” “Note for Media Setting,”.