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The top of the printed surface feel slightly adhesive after curing. What can I do about it?

The top of the printed surface may feel slightly adhesive after curing due to the flexible nature of LF200 inks. Ink is correctly cured, if it is deemed satisfactory to the coin scratch test. (This test is checking the curing level by scratching the print surface with coin.) LF-200 will have a tacky surface once the ink is cured. This is a property of the flexible ink. However there still might remain some slightly monomer (unreacted element). Even if ink is cured enough, some people might experience an allergic reaction. So please wear the gloves when you touch the print surface.

* MIMAKI ENGINEERING evaluating the condition of ink curing with coin scratch and tape peeling test. When the following message has been displayed, please change the print condition to increase the number of pass. Because, UV ink might be not cured enough with those print modes.