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The print result is abnormal. What can I do?

  1. Restart your computer and printer
  2. Inspect the print head carriage for dust or other print debris.
    Remove any foreign particles.
    Refer to Operation Manual to clean up the dust
  3. If the printed image is misaligned when printing bi-directional mode, perform [MAINTENANCE]-[DROP.POScorrect]
  4. In the case of Mimaki Raster Link Pro user, if the printed image is misaligned even when performing [DROP.POScorrect], confirm dot size in [Print mode] sub menu of
    Raster Link Pro and set “62 or less
  5. Try uni-directional print
  6. If the problem occurs in a specific image data, resave the data with another format and try the print again. (Example: AI -> EPS)
  7. Confirm the client computer has enough memory. Refer to the reference guide for your computer how to assign the memory
  8. Change the print condition setting in RIP. (Profile setting, half tone setting and so on.)
  9. Please contact service if you are still having the same issue