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What should i do when the message [Replace a WIPER] is displayed?

Answer: please see the following.

Please replace the wiper.

Make sure to follow the instructions on [WIPER EXCHANGE] under the maintenance menu.
See [Operation manual] > [Chaper4 Maintenance] > [Replacing consumables] for details.

jv300 replace wiper

Run [WIPER EXCHANGE] menu after replacing the wiper, or it keeps showing the message, [Replace a WIPER]. It is because systems in the printer counts the number of wiping operation; unless you run [Replace a wiper] menu, it won’t reset the number.

You, in fact, can perform printing without wiper replacement, but continuous usage of the filthy wiper may result in nozzle clogging, thus we recommend for you to replace it any sooner.
Since a wiper is one of the consumables, please place an order as you order inks.