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What if the media is out of position while it is in cutting operation?

Answer: please see the following.

1) Install pinch roller in-between of the “pinch-roller guide mark”.

cjv30 media position

2) Adjust the clamp pressures to equalize the pressures on right half and left half.
* The pinch roller may leave the roller track on some types of media.
  Adjust and apply right pressure to your media.

3) If the edge of the media is touching the ground, it may cause media meandering.
  Keep the media up and away from the floor.

4) If the roll media is improperly rolled as shown in the picture below, feeding length
  on the right would be different from the left. Roll up the media properly to load.

cjv30 rolled

5) If contaminants such as debris coming off from media cut are clogged in the grit
  roller, it may cause the media meandering. Use toothbrush or the equivalent to
  clean the roller.

cjv30 grit roller

6) Check the condition of the pinch roller
  * If debris is found on the roller, clean it.
  * Replace the roller if it seems to be worn out.

cjv30 pinch roller

7) When heavy media is loaded, it may cause meandering.
  When you are loading heavy-weight media, or wider media, setup “HEAVY” at the
  [MEDIA TYPE] menu.
 * If set in “HEAVY”, the cutting speed slows down to 20cm/s at max.

8) Once done with the checking from (1) through (7), detect the media width and
  perform [MEDIA FEED] before cutting.

9) When the media slides back and forth with tool-up (; the state where the cutter
  holder is up), the media is possible to slip during the cutting operation. If that is
  the case, setup the [UP SPEED], and adjust the speeding.
 * If the values are set AUTO, the speeding set in TOOL conditions is applied.
  Also, min. speeding at AUTO setting is 10cm/s.