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Is there any caution to print 3D-media?

Answer: Please see followings.

In the inkjet printer, ink drops tend to turn into mist when the gap between head and media is set wide than 2mm, since ink cannot reach the media. The wider the gap gets, the more likely it occurs. The mist of inks adheres to the head surface and to the filter of the cooling fan. Also, the reflection of the UV light becomes higher with wider gap. In case the adhered ink is cured or gets Stick by the UV light reflection, it causes mismatched ink position and nozzle clogging. Sometimes it may lead to a failure which requires head replacing.

・Print on the highly reflective media with enough care.
 e.g.) Mirrors, polished stainless steel plate and etc.

1. Please flatten the uneven surface of the media by jig or something. And please cover the R-shaped Edge when printing on convex materials such as a Frisbee or Dish.

media head

2. Please cover the blank space of the table to prevent the reflection of the UV light when printing on thick materials.
  (Make sure it does not interfere with the head and Y bar movement.)

media head 2

3. Please take measures to have the media electrically discharged.

  e.g.) Water mist humidification, electricity removal bar, electricity removal spray, Neutralization apparatus: ionizer (head fix type)

   * Ionize is fixed as standard accessory or selectable as optional items depending
    on the model.