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Is the UV lamp different from the UJF-605C or UJF-605CII?

The UV lamp types are both “Metal Halide Lamp”, but UJF706 has a lamp that is 1.7 times longer than UJF-605C&CII, so the total light intensity is very different.

The UV lamp level “Low” on the UJF-706 is almost same as “High” on UJF-605C&CII.
*The ink curing results are almost same between UJF-706 and UJF-605C&CII, because the “Media surface temperature”, “Illumination Intensity”, and “Integrated Light intensity value” are almost the same.

* We recommend you to set up [Low] on the UV lamp setting.
If you set up the UV level to “High” on UJF-706, the Media surface temperature will be much higher than “Low” setting. The color and shape of some media will be altered by the high temperatures.

The media surface temperature is 80 degrees when UV level is set “High” and head gap is 2mm.
(The temperature almost same at a 1.5mm head gap. When UV level is set “Low”, the temperature will be 54 degrees.)
We recommend a temperature of 80 degrees or less within 60 minutes because printed surface of ink will change into yellow from the heat.