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How much is the head gap required?

Answer: Please use the printer with head gap [3mm (≒0.118 inch)] which is the distance between media surface and the print head carriage.

We can not guarantee the print result or any troubles on the machine if the machine has been used by larger head gap than the 3.0mm (≒0.118 inch).

If you set up the head gap higher for avoiding the print head carriage crash with the media, you will have some kinds of secondary issues like “Ink mist issue”, “Dirty print result”, and also “Nozzle out issue”.

You can adjust the head gap [3.0mm (≒0.118 inch)] with the “Head height adjustment rod”.

※ Frequent issues
If there are any wrinkles on the media surface, the print head surface will be crushed with the media surface. Once it crushed, it becomes not only the color transfer issue from the print head carriage to media surface, but also be caused of “damaged head” or “nozzle out issue”. However, do not use this printer with larger head gap than 3.0mm to avoid the head crush.

If your printer is Tx400B
The adhesive of the feeding belt might be not sticky enough. Then remove current adhesive, and put new adhesive on it.