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How many level settings does the UV lamp have?

There are 7 options of UV lamp settings [HIGH], [STANDARD], [LOW], [NONE], [NO PRINT H], [NO PRINT N], and [NO PRINT L] which you can select.(Table 1: Red)

UV Irradiation setting procedure:
Press [Function] button -> [SETUP] -> [UV LEVEL] – [SETUP :- – – – -]
and select the lamp setting.

The initial settings are [LOW]: Level 1, [STANDARD]: Level 8, and [HIGH]: Level 16.

[HIGH], [STANDARD], and [LOW] are set to one of the levels 1 to 16 separately.
Note that the luminance is the same between [LOW]: Level 16 and [HIGH]: Level 16.

Application setting
*The initial values among the 16 irradiation levels are [16], [8], and [1] for [HIGH], [STANDARD],and [LOW], respectively. (See Table 1 in black.) These values can be changed. You normally do not have to change this value, but only when you want to have more detail cured ink result. Examples to change the value.(* To change the [LOW] Level)

Default:                  Changed Level example:

[HIGH] Level 16 (Max setting) [HIGH] Level 16 (Max setting)
[STANDARD] Level 8 (Middle setting) [STANDARD] Level 8 (Middle setting)
[LOW] Level 1 (Min setting) [LOW] Level 4

If you want to check, for example, how ink is hardened with a middle of the initial [LOW] and [STANDARD] values, you can change the setting as shown in Image 3 and print with [LOW] to check the result.

Set up procedure
Press “UV” button -> [SET UV LEVEL] -> [HIGH:Lv1~16] -> [STANDARD:Lv1~16] –> [LOW:Lv1~16]