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How do you fix the media?

Answer: Please see the following description.

[For UJF-3042 / UJF-3042FX]

adsortion  area
Fix by using vacuum or the screw holes for holding tools.
According to the situation or condition of media, secure the media with
tape. If, within the adsorption area, there are suction holes not closed by the media, close such suction holes placing thin sheet from material such as paper, film or tape. Print origin is right foreground.

[For UJF-3042HG]

Use the threaded holes for fixing jig. Depending on the condition of your media, fix it with tape. If the vacuum table is used, it is possible to fix media with vacuum adsorption. If some vacuum holes on the vacuum table remain open, the adsorption forth is degraded. Block them with paper, film, or tape as far as possible. The printing origin is at the front lower right.

[For UJF-3042 / UJF-3042FX / UJF-3042HG]

Position of the screw holes for holding tools.
[Following red circle points are screw holes: M4 (ISO screw thread),
Effective depth: 8]

position holding tools