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How can the Head gap be adjusted?

The head is adjustable with two positions, depending on the media thickness.

You can adjust it simply by loosening the front screw and the lever on the right of the head, moving up or down the height adjustment lever, then refastening the screw. See “Operation Manual” -> “Basic Operations” -> “Setting a Media” -> “Adjusting the Head Height.”

The head height is the distance from the board surface (platen surface) to the head nozzle surface. These two height positions are described in the table below.

Range Height adjustment level Head height
L range Thin | Thick 2mm (factory default value) | 3mm
H range Thin | Thick 3mm | 4mm

To use a media with a 0.5mm or less thickness, set the head height to Thin. Too much gap between the media and the head nozzle surface may cause ink droplets to splash, and thus the image quality cannot be guaranteed.

When you change the head height, always check for the dot position correction.

About the Low and Hi ranges

The Low or Hi range cannot be switched by yourself. It is determined by our service person at installation according to the ink type of yourself.