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How can I set up media on this machine?

The UJF-706 has a vacuum table that locks the print media to the print bed.
Optionally, a mounting jig may be attached to the print bed to hold custom parts for printing.

Method of mounting media Remarks
1. Using vacuum table Cover all vacuum holes on the table surface to maximize vacuum pressure
2. Using Jig Please use a black jig tp prevent reflection of UV light
3. Using the option vacuum unit
Parts number: [OPT-J0270]
Parts name: UJF-706 Vacuum unit
If you feel the normal vacuum is not enough to hold your media, there is an option to change it to more powerful vacuum.
This vacuum has an adjustable pressure control. Proper vacuum levels may be set manually for each application.

Caution 1
Cover all vacuum holes on the table surface to maximize vacuum. If some holes are uncovered, the vacuum power will weaken significantly.

Caution 2
If you tape down the media to fix it on the vacuum table or jig, make sure all tape is pressed flat to the surface. Otherwise the height sensor will detect the loose tape height as the highest media point and make head gap higher. Then the printer will have “Ink mist”, “Nozzles deflection” or “Nozzles out” issues on your print result. Also check if there is loose tape when “ERROR 36 HEAD GAP” occurs.