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The display will be Local after each print, what should i do?

Answer: Please see followings.

1. After completing printing, you can set whether to return to Local mode or to
  remain in Remote mode. For how to set it, see

  “OPERATION MANUAL” -> “Chapter 3” -> “Various settings” -> “Setting the work change”.

  When [OFF] is set: Keeps Remote mode after printing.
  When [ON] is set: Returns to Local mode after printing.

2. If a warning or error is displayed in Local mode, the machine returns to Local
  mode even if OFF is set in “Setting the work change”.
  See “OPERATION MANUAL” -> “Chapter 5” -> “Troubles displaying messages” to
  clear the warning or error.

[For UJF-3042]

The “Setting the work change” function is implemented in Firmware version 1.20
or later.