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Could you please tell me how to deactivate the license when the computer has broken down?

If you have another computer* which is connected to the Internet even when the RasterLinkPro5-installed-computer is broken and would boot up, you can deactivate the license on the Internet.
* Smartphone which web browser is installed is also available but it may be hard to see the screen.

[How to deactivate the license when the computer has broken down]

  1. Go to http://miws.mimaki.jp/license/agencytop.aspx
  2. Click [RasterLink Deactivation (When the PC is broken)]
  3. Input the activating serial key into the serial key input form
  4. Click [Deactivation]


  1. If the message is shown after clicking [Deactivation], please confirm the following:
    “This serial key has not been activated. (ERROR_ID B011)”
    -> The serial key has not been activated or already deactivated. Deactivation is not needed.

    “This serial key is invalid. (ERROR_ID B012)”
    “The format of the serial key is invalid. (ERROR_ID B002)”
    -> The serial key was not deactivated because there is something wrong with the key.
    Please input the correct key and try [Deactivation] again.

  2. This function is used only when normal license deactivation and substitute license deactivation
    cannot be performed because the license-activated computer was broken. If using this
    function even though RIP-PC is normal, the license in the server is deactivated but the license
    in the RIP-PC still has been activated. In this case, create Substitute license deactivation file.
    RIP-PC will be deactivated by creating the file.