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Can I automate operations?

Answer: yes

The following functions support automated operations.

(1) NCU (Nozzle Check Unit)
It automatically checks nozzle regularly, preventing the nozzle from dropping out at continuous operation. (Check-up timing is user variable).

(2) Event Mail
The printer has a function to send you email such as PRINT START/FINISH, Print Termination due to error, to your registered email account via Internet. The function keep you informed when you are off site.

(3) UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System) *1
When operating with 4 colors, two cartridges are considered to be one set. When one ink cartridge runs out of ink, the system automatically switches to another cartridge, enabling long unattended printing. As far as ink is remained in either of the cartridge, the printer keeps running with no interruption.

*1: When using Sb53, 6 colors, UISS functions on M and BI only.
  Refer to “What is UISS(Uninterrupted Ink Supply System)?” for further details.

(4) Automated take-up unit
Ensures secured feeding of maximum weight 40kg/maximum diameter 250mm, media. As the diameter of the media grows with take-up operation, it can still take up the media with constant speeding.

(5) MBIS III (Mimaki Bulk Ink System III) *2
Large volumetric, 2L ink package installed in the main unit enables continuous printing. 2L ink package is more reasonable than other sizes, realizing lower running cost. In addition, it is installed on top of the machine, and no extra space is needed.

*2: MBIS III is optional feature.